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Tents "sunless" | Sunless - Pergolas Awnings Blinds canopy curtains



The company 'sunless' tents, has experienced and qualified staff, offering products and services of high quality for each customer.

Place awnings simple type, canvas case,awnings with arms , canopy curtains and pergolas.

  • H Τέντα Πέργκολα είναι ιδανική λύση για κήπους και ελεύθερους χώρους συνδυάζοντας την άνεση της σκιάς με την αισθητική.
  • H Tent canopy curtains decorates and protects outdoors, It is ideal for Windows, entrances and storefronts. The structures can be fixed or hinged.
  • The tents with pivoting arms can provide excellent solutions in , terraces, private balconies and commercial properties, without limiting the oratotita.Se conjunction with remote, This type of tent is a complete solution.

On our awnings can be customized automation and remote control light or wind sensors for single space shadowing experience.

  • We also manufacture special tents – covers for pools, ensuring complete safety and keep the pool clean when not functioning.

Contact us to give shading solution and for your professional or home space. Guarantee of our quality are our customers.


The package includes uninstalling the tent,transportation in our area, professional cleaning equipment, sewing all seams and reinstall. Basic premise the tent to find in good condition without any mold with only on seams.